As high school comes to an end, Lily, Sam, Michael, and Girija secretly wish for the same thing—to escape their small town. When they stumble on a magical place called The Grove, they believe their wishes might not be so far out of reach after all.

But they soon discover that as much as they wish to leave, they also wish to stay … with each other. The answer isn’t easy, particularly when the lines between friendship and love are blurring, and the lines connecting love and identity are growing stronger day by day.

As their wishes become more conflicted, the magic begins to change, withering away as it unearths ghosts and buried secrets. The four friends are forced to make a choice. Will they choose to stand alone, or can they finally let down their walls to save The Grove, and one another?

Magic listens to the heart, not the mind. And sometimes when things change, they stay that way forever.

This whimsical young adult novel has been masterfully woven into a dramatic and suspenseful tale of secret wishes, untold truths, and hidden romance, all sure to hold its reader captive.

Gemma’s a loner, but she’s got her twin brother Alex, so who really cares, right? When you’re a twin, you’re never alone.

Then, one day, she doesn’t have Alex anymore. Instead, she has a ghost named Eve and her brother’s dickhead friends for company—and one desperate plan.

They’re going to get Alex back.

It just means catching the Wild Hunt, convincing the fae to give them an Undying heart, and chasing down the elusive spirit of her dead brother first. Grief can wait, and the drowning, hopeless, horrible sensation on the edge of her heart can wait with it. Forever.

Falling in love with a ghost wasn’t in the plan. But sometimes you have to veer off track before you find what you’re searching for.

A haunting novel about grief, loss, and finding your way home.

(Contains themes surrounding death, macabre imagery, bad language, and reckless decision-making. Upper YA, suitable for older readers.)

Works in progress

Cupcakes & Sorcery #3 (cosy mystery with established FF romance)

Stage: First draft

Anticipated publication: Mid-late 2021

"Ocean Short" (short story/novella: ocean sprites, earth magic, and FF romance)

Stage: Planning and First draft

Anticipated publication: Mid-late 2021 (but gosh, who knows, 2020 left me with commitment issues...)

Talia has a bad habit of falling for the wrong people. Flirty firefighter Ruby is definitely the wrong person, and no amount of time spent snowed-in together is going to change that. No matter how much Talia wants it to... and how many hopeful glances they share.

Ruby has a bad habit of being the wrong person; no matter how much she tries to change for her partners, she's never enough for them. Too closed off. Too hard to reach. For the first time in years, a night spent with the gorgeous, flustered photographer, Talia, makes her wish things were different. But it would take a Christmas miracle for her to change now.

Can the two women move past their fears and realise they're exactly what each other needs? Or will the warning left by an unusual Christmas haunting come too late?

Featuring bed sharing, a snowed-in cabin, and a cute rescue pup, this ~16k FF Christmas short is full of mutual pining, hope, and cosy Christmas romance.

Anna is spending Christmas pining over a girl she can’t have, but at least she knows life can’t get any worse… Until she finds out they’re working together at the Santa photo booth. Anna can make disaster happen on the best of days; she doesn't need a regulation elf hat and a camera on standby.

But the mysterious Cate turns out to be as friendly as she is beautiful, and Anna’s fears of a Christmas disaster disappear in favour of beach dates and sangria.

Cue a magical locket, a psychic who seems to know more than she’s telling, and a miniature donkey named Taco, and maybe Anna is in for a different sort of disaster altogether.

The Snow Locket is a ~20k cosy lesbian romance set in Australia, full of mutual pining, family secrets, and Christmas magic.

Cupcakes, romance, and lovable canines abound in Heather and Sinead’s next adventure, but it isn’t all fun and games. The girlfriends are investigating a very personal kidnapping, and the threatening notes left behind accuse Sinéad and her punk-rocker twin brother of hiding something.

But after solving their first mystery together last Christmas, this one should be a piece of cake. After all, no one’s been murdered this time, and their witch-sorcerer rivalry is a thing of the past. Except it turns out there is a murderer, and a jewel thief as well, and why on earth does everyone keep talking about bees?

It appears Starford is a lot more exciting than Heather’s home town of Old Wetchhaven, and Sinéad’s insistence that Heather move in with her brings a whiff of trouble to their private paradise. Can Heather adjust to life near the big city? Or will the mounting secrets prove too much and turn their second case into their last?

A Hive of Secrets and Spells is a witch cozy mystery with a sweet lesbian romance and heart-warming magic.

Heather is looking forward to another quiet Christmas with her dogs. However, her plans get a touch waylaid when someone sees fit to stick a knife in the Earl of Denbigh. To make things even better, magic is in the air, and it’s not the festive kind.

Being the only two magic users at the scene of the crime, suspicion falls on Heather and the compelling stranger, Sinéad. If they want to prove their innocence, they’ll have to work together. Just one problem: Sinéad is a sorcerer, and Heather is a witch. . . and everyone knows that witches and sorcerers don’t get along.

Things escalate when someone starts sabotaging their investigation, but Sinéad is determined to see the case through to the bitter end, and Heather won’t let her do it alone. Can they catch the killer before the killer catches up to them?

Magic, Murder & Mistletoe is a paranormal cozy mystery with a sweet lesbian romance and lots of Christmas cheer.

Lee has been secretly in love with her best friend’s older sister, Jo, for eight years when a fortune-teller proclaims Jo is ready to return Lee’s feelings.

At first, Lee doesn't believe her, but when she finds a mysterious book of matches that bring good luck when they're lit, it seems Christmas miracles could be real. But just as fate favours her, her luck fails. The magic goes awry, and every time she strikes a match, disaster occurs.

The fortune-teller warns Lee that something is interfering with her destiny, and she needs to look inward to find the solution. Can Lee figure out what is ruining her luck before she hurts someone, or should she give up on her Christmas dreams altogether?

about the author

Ellen Jane Phillips is an Australian indie author of wlw romance. She loves writing about LGBTQ women who experience complex lives, emotions, needs, and desires. Her books are written for people who crave love stories where friendship is just as important as romance, and who want to experience cosy warmth with a hint of mystery, magic, and emotion.

You can find her writing under two pen names: Ellen Jane, and E.J. Phillips. If you like light, cosy wlw romance suffused with magic and mystery, Ellen Jane is the pen name for you. If you prefer something a little heavier, and you like your wlw romance tinged with magic and tender angst, E.J. Phillips is the one you want. When she isn't writing, you can find her walking the dogs, playing D&D, or sobbing because the characters won't behave.